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Kontax Engineering Ltd is small specialist British engineering company staffed by a team of highly skilled and dedicated engineers. We have a clean, modern workshop where the parts used in our engines are manufactured by our skilled engineers.


In 2007 we were visited by the President of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (ImechE), Mr John Baxter. He was very pleased and impressed to find out that such a beautiful and precise Stirling engine was being manufactured by us here in England.

Mr Baxter was so pleased with our engine that he decided to feature it in his series of lectures given all around the world to senior figures in the alternative and clean energy industry. ImechE have taken 80 of our engines for Mr Baxter to give as gifts to dignitaries as an example of the quality of engineering and manufacturing still being done in England.

The Institute are very happy to promote and endorse our engines, and we are able to prove their endorsement should anyone wish to verify it.

In addition to this honour, our engine has also been endorsed by the Glasgow Science Museum in Scotland, where they will be displaying it alongside the original 1800's engine designed and built by the Rev. Robert Stirling.

A large number of schools and universities all around the world have bought our engines for educational use, the transparent chamber and cylinder make it very easy to explain the Stirling cycle to students. A partial list of the universities and educational institutions who have either bought our engines can be found here

President of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (ImechE)


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We ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that every engine we sell will run as advertised. If your engine struggles to run as advertised then we ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that we will offer all possible help to you until it does. All our engines are individually packed in supportive packing foam (kits) and rigid cardboard boxes (assembled units), which ensures safe arrival of your engine.



All of the parts for this engine are manufactured by us in our modern CNC equipped workshop located in Maidenhead, England.

This allows us to maintain very high standards, and gives us absolute control over the precision parts used in our engines.

Kontax Engineering Ltd was formed in England in 1964. We were the first to sell a LTD Stirling engine in 2001, based on the pioneering work done by Dr Senft at the University of Wisconsin We have continued to develop new and exciting engines ever since. We pride ourselves on producing stunning engines using excellent enginneering. The years of Stirling engines experience is shown in our engines.

The workshop