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Stirling Engine Society Newsletters

Stirling Engine Society Newsletters

The Stirling Society was founded in January 1997, membership is invited from anyone with an interest in Hot Air or Stirling Engines. An occasional newsletter is sent to all members. The Stirling Society does not have formal meetings as such, however members attend and exhibit at model engineering and vintage machinery shows in Britain. We have an annual get together for members in April, for the past 10 years this has been held at Kew Steam Museum, London.

  • The subscription is for 1 year.
  • You will receive whatever newsletters are produced during the year
  • 'Stirling News' Newsletter is an occasional newsletter and has no set dates
  • You will be welcome at Stirling Engine Society meetings
  • Meet other Stirling Engine enthusiasts
  • Discover more about Stirling Engines
  • Find out about the latest developments in the Stirling world
  • The newsletters make a wonderful gift

A list of Stirling Engine Society meetings and events can be found here

Note: Please be aware that the Stirling Engine Society is a separate independent organization. We will ensure you are signed up to a 1 year subscription. After that newsletters will be send directly from the Stirling Engine Society. We do not make and profit in anyway. 100% of the payment gets passed to Stirling Engine Society.

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