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  • Appears to float in mid-air
  • Plates made from anodised aluminium
  • British designed and made
  • Precision CNC parts
  • Demonstrates tensional integrity principle
  • Table appears to float
  • High quality fine cables
  • Fully adjustable cable tension for perfect balance
  • Holds any kontax KS90, KS90R, KS90V, KS90S engine
  • Mesmerizing to see
  • Enjoyable kit
  • Does not include engine
  • 92mm Diameter and about 126mm high (3.6 inch diameter x 4.96inch)
Tensegrity is short for tensional integrity which was coined by Buckminster Fuller. It is sometimes known as a floating compression structure. The really fun thing about this table is that at the initial glance it appears to be floating in mid-air. Yet you can use it like a normal table. Place something on the tensegrity table and it appears just to sit on the table floating in mid-air.

Quite mesmerizing to see.

So what is it? Well a conventional table is under compression, increasing the weight on the table increases compression on the legs. A tensegrity table works differently. Although it has some components under compression, they are in a network of parts in tension. In our Tensegrity there is a central cable that is holding the top half up. The cable is under tension. The cables around the periphery keep the table surface central. Cutting any of the cables would result in the top part of the table falling over.

Our CNC machine Tensegrity table is supplied as a kit.

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